How We Work

All Barnhill's work currently is predicated on the belief that delivery with a supportive and coaching style is the single best way to unlock a business leader's potential to maximise his or her performance.

Via one-to-one coaching or small workshops with a senior management team, Barnhill inspires people to action and supports them when fear and fragile self-belief can stop a business growing to its true potential

As always, the socpe of the work undertaken can range from a short consultancy type interaction right through to a high-level
coaching intervention.

Jeff has a record of working with senior management teams in order to facilitate company turnaround or to look for rapid growth in revenue and profit over a short period of time.

Whether you're dealing with a client base of 10 or 10,000 we can deliver the best solution to enable you to improve your
business performance.

Typical services offered could be:

  • Coaching of business leaders to significantly improve performance
  • Branding and launching of new products
  • Market research to find overseas partners
  • One-to-one bespoke training of salespeople/managers to develop a structured approach
  • Strategic review to overhaul sales and marketing procedures